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Hi! We're Mommy Knows Best Photography...and we've got a whole bunch o' kids!

We're a mommy-owned mobile family photography studio located in Minooka, IL proudly serving Plainfield, Minooka, Shorewood, Joliet and surrounding areas that specializes in engagement, maternity, infant, child, teen and family portraits.

We are a full-service breath of fresh air designed especially for anyone with kids. Who wants to worry about the dreaded drive from the house to the mall ("Ahh! Junior spit up all over his new shirt! Did you bring another one?" "Sally's diaper ruined her dress and we don't have time to go home!" "Johnny, is that TOOTHPASTE on your shirt?!") when you can have the portrait studio COME TO YOU?

No more crossing your fingers and hoping the kids can keep it together long enough for you to look through the pictures at a crowded studio with a newly hired and inexperienced "photographer" who really just wants to get through your order so he can get to the next family's appointment and go to lunch. Have a seat at your kitchen table with us while we take the time to actually get you what you really want.

Between the two of us, we have SEVEN (yes, SEVEN) kids. We're mommas. We didn't like loading up our respective entourages and joining the rest of the heard just to settle mediocre pictures of a fussy baby. Because of that mentality, our business practices specifically cater to parents. For example, we do require a non-refundable deposit for all of our portrait sessions to reserve your appointment, HOWEVER, if your child is having an "off" day on the day of your session, we let you reschedule at no additional charge. We've got kids. We like kids. We know kids -- that's why what we do works. Kids are more at ease in their own home and after just one appointment, they know us, so the next one is even better because they're always more comfortable with someone they've already met. For our print packages, we don't force you to get 16 sheets of the same pose just to get some special offer. If an offer says "sheets," you can divide yours amongst any of the images in your session.

We offer competitive print and digital packages, photo gifts, invitations, holiday cards and a one of a kind personal experience for each and every one of our customers. Got an idea in mind? Let's do this thing!

How it Works

  1. Choose Your Portrait Package
  2. Book Your Session Online
  3. For Sessions in Your Home: We come to YOU with our backdrop stand, backdrops, lighting, camera and all props. All we need is a minimum of a 10x10 space with access to an electrical outlet. No loading the kids up, no hassle, no getting rushed through your portrait session.
  4. We take your portraits and then let the kids go play while we load up your photos on our computer for you to choose your favorites.
  5. We bring your portraits home for editing and placing your order.
  6. All portrait CDs are mailed within 1-2 business days after your session and print orders are typically in within 5-7 business days.
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