About Brittney Walrath, Executive Photographer 

My husband, Jake and I with the kids 

I can't express my excitement about starting this business! I love photography -- landscape or portraits (what's better than capturing beautiful moments than with a camera?)! I have been passionate about photography since I was 12 years old. I was actually published in The Chicago Tribune for a unit we were doing in our art class, which I think was where it all began! I have worked in studios and travel portrait photography since 2004. I enjoyed working in studios and have made memories, but working in franchise studios does put a damper on your creativity -- they have these things called "pose guidelines" and I have to say those aren't for me! I love working with children; I have three of my own with my husband, Jake. Every day, they make my life better. I couldn't have asked God for better gifts. Colin is in third grade, and is a social butterfly who loves technology and biking in the summer. Caleb is a preschooler as of this year. I always call him my "sweet boy" since he has been happy since the day he was born. He loves all animals big or small, rabbits to horses. Callie is my rough and tough girl -- she's a toddler looking to crawl and climb everything! She most definitely keeps up with the boys. My husband Jake is awesome; I have my photography niche and his is playing hockey and guitar. He has been playing hockey since he can remember and still does to this day, we love the Chicago Blackhawks, winning or losing!
Getting to work with Ashley is pretty fantastic since we have known each other since middle school. Although we went to different high schools and lost contact, we found each other a few years ago and I don't know what I would do with out her! I have complete faith in her experience and dedication she puts into her work.
I look forward to working with you and your family!  

My middle guy, Caleb (3) 

 My youngest, Miss Callie Girl (almost 2)

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My oldest, Colin (9)